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There are several reasons why purchasing a home in today's economy makes sense.  The following are a couple of those reasons: Owning is better than renting:  A couple years ago many people turned to renting when they found themselves underwater with their mortgage.  This has created a shortage of rental properties and has pushed up the price of rent.  Interest rates are low:  The interest rates for mortgages continue to stay at historically low levels.  However, rates won't... read more

Green Cleaning

Posted by Jess Abrahams on July 17, 2013 in  Albert Lea  Buyers  Home Maintenance  Owatonna  Sellers
Green cleaning is all the buzz lately and for good reason.  Commercial cleaners contain many artificial colors and fragrances which can create pollution in the air in your home.  Furthermore, many cleaners contain unnecessary anti-bacterial agents which can actually make bacteria stronger and more resistant.  Green cleaning is not only better for the air in your home but it can also help you save money.  The following are some recipes for green cleaners: Porcelain and Tile: Dust surfaces with b... read more
Are you looking for an exciting career? Business is picking up and now is a great time to think of a career in real estate. A career in real estate is flexible, and can even offer a second income if you're not ready to make it a full-time commitment. Feel free to set up a time to visit with us about career opportunities in real estate - call Lynn Johnson at 507-451-8080 to learn how a career in real estate might work for you. We can help you every step of the way in building a successful business and even offer fre... read more

Home Maintenance for First-time Homeowners

Posted by Jess Abrahams on July 10, 2013 in  Albert Lea  Buyers  Owatonna
Buying a home is an exciting and worthwhile investment.  First time homeowners might feel overwhelmed thinking of the maintenance that's required to protect their investment.  Owners can simplify the process by creating a checklist and information sheet that can be used for years into the future.  The following is what you'll want to create: A Contact List There are several types of professionals that homeowners may need to hire to complete projects on their homes.  It can be helpful to create... read more

Five Steps to Save for a Down Payment

Posted by Jess Abrahams on July 03, 2013 in  Albert Lea  Buyers  Owatonna
One of the biggest hurdles to home buying is coming up with a down payment.  The following are ways to help you clear the hurdle and come up with the cash you need. 1. Visualize your dream: It helps to visualize what you're going after when trying to reach a goal.  Cut out photos of your dream home and put them close to your budget, wallet or in the place you pay bills to remind you of what you're working towards. 2. Slow your spending: The biggest enemy of spending is the impulse buy.  Try this: f... read more
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