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Obtaining a Loan with a Lower Credit Score

Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on May 29, 2014 in  Albert Lea  Buyers  Owatonna
If you have a lower credit score as a result of a derogatory credit situation from a previous foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale a real estate professional or mortgage lender can point you in the right direction so you can get back on track toward homeownership.Watch this video to find out what types of loans are available and the required wait times associated with applying for a new loan.... read more

Albert Lea Housing Market Update

Albert Lea Market Update: January-May 2014
Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on May 29, 2014 in  Albert Lea  Albert Lea Monthly Update

Find out what is happening in the Albert Lea Real Estate Market with our latest monthly update!

Owatonna Market Update

Owatonna Market Update
Posted by Sarah Buttera on May 28, 2014 in  Owatonna  Owatonna Monthly Update

Take a look to see what is happening in your Owatonna Real Estate!

How to Commit to Homeownership

FIrst-Time Buyers
Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on May 23, 2014 in  Albert Lea  Buyers  Owatonna
Over the past months and maybe even years you have combed through local listings, attended numerous open houses and probably grew sick of your rental space faster than you thought.  For many first-time home buyers, the anxiety associated with purchasing might be what has held you back so far.    Keep in mind that your family and friends who own homes were once first-time buyers as well.  These individuals took the leap into homeownership and you can do the same.    Here a... read more

Remodeling Advice for Couples

Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on May 21, 2014 in  Albert Lea  Home Improvements  Owatonna
Taking on a home improvement and remodeling project is hands-down stressful for a married couple of 5 days or even 5 years! It’s never an easy process as remodeling projects have all the components that trigger couples to argue – money, multiple decisions and personal preferences.    If you are about to take on a remodeling project with your hubby or wife here’s what you need to know to keep your cool.    Communicate and Discuss Ideas Talk over project ... read more
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