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Leap Into Leap Day

29 Things to Do with Kids Today
Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on February 29, 2016 in  uncategorized
Leap Year only comes around once every 4 years -- why not make it a date to remember? Take a look at this list put together by the Today Show that shares 29 fun ideas to do with your kids on 2/29 (#2 and #3 are sure to be appreciated by adults, too!): click here to be taken to the ideas list. We hope you enjoy these great things you can do with your kids on this Leap Day!... read more

Affordable Curb Appeal Tips

Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on February 24, 2016 in  uncategorized
Stop to think for a minute...what is the first thing potential buyers see when it comes to your home?  We will give you a hint, it's not the color of your walls, the granite countertops or the hardwood floors occupying the floors throughout your house.  The reality of it is, it's your home's first impression - the exterior.  A home with an unkempt, unflattering exterior can easily be overlooked by a potential homebuyer.  Sometimes all it takes for a buyer is a ... read more

7 Tips for Finding Homes as a Couple

Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on February 19, 2016 in  uncategorized
Buying a home is a major milestone for couples. Aside from the fact that it will most likely be the most significant purchase they will ever make together it is also one of the most exciting decisions a couple will make too. For those who are new to the process of a buying a home excitement can quickly turn to anxiety as talk of finances, home inspections and new real estate terms make their way into daily conversations. It’s no secret…navigating the world of homeownership together requires some e... read more

The Cost Presidential Homes Today

Presidents' Day 2016
Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on February 15, 2016 in  uncategorized
In celebration of Presidents' Day, we're celebrating the places that some of our most influential presidents once called home.  Trulia compared these stately residences with like-sized homes currently on the market to find out how much the presidential homes of presidents from George Washington to Teddy Roosevelt would be worth if they hit the market today. The then and now prices are pretty remarkable! read more

More ideas for Home Sellers

More ideas for Home Sellers
Posted by Sarah Buttera on February 12, 2016 in  uncategorized

Real Estate Broker Lynn Johnson explains how to get your home ready to sell!  A couple quick tips will be most helpful during your sale of your home.  Click below for helpful tips!

Tips to get your home ready to sell!

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